Tutorial – Matrices and Local Space transforms

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This is an overview on Matrices, Local Space transforms and how to use VEX to manipulate them inside Houdini. Practical examples on how to build local space transforms from scratch and from primitives on a geometry, so that you can estabilish a base frame to animate input geometry, or constraint other objects to desired polygons.

00:00 Matrices overview
03:35 Identity matrix
05:25 3×3 and 4×4 matrices
09:00 Building a simple transform matrix (rotation)
15:41 Building a simple transform matrix (translation)
25:46 Creating modular (stackable local transforms) nodes
34:28 How to build transforms from any primitive on a geomerty
35:37 Using 2d planes to construct rotation axes (cross product)
38:07 Half-Edges explanation
39:30 Building hedges VEX code
56:47 Constraining objects to primitives using transforms

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