Tutorial – Rock generator (VOP) part 1

How to create a fully procedural rock using VOPs and how to “rockify” existing models.I also explain in detail how to deal with (and fix) intersecting geometry.

00:00 Blocking out the base shape
01:41 Retopo using instant meshes
02:45 Noise level 1 (Flattened areas)
06:08 Dealing with intersections (Smoothing method)
20:41 Dealing with intersections (VDB erode method)
25:21 Noise level 2 (Sedimentary areas)
33:50 Noise level 3 (Spiky noise)
40:18 Reviewing noise parameters to improve rock shape
43:07 Noise level 4 (high frequency details A)
44:56 Noise level 5 (high frequency details B)
46:14 Generating a different rock 
48:14 Rockifying existing geometry

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